• 2 Twin Beds/Private Bath (Double Occupancy/per person) – $1,690.00
  • 2 Twin Beds/Private Bath (Single Occupancy) – $2,090.00
  • Small Private Room/ Shared Bath – $1,740.00
  • 1 King Bed/Private Bath (Double Occupancy/per person) – $1,690.00
  • 1 King Bed/Private Bath (Single Occupancy) – $2,090.00
  • Tent Camping – $1,390.00

Rates include 15% hospitality tax, Georgia’s $5/room/night Hotel-Motel Fee and credit card fees.

Date & Time Details: You want to go deep into the dreamtime and move at the pace of grace. A week is the ideal amount of time to do this kind of retreat but I know not everyone has that much time to give. If you do, this is the retreat for you. Date: July 9th, arrive in the afternoon to settle in. We’ll start with dinner and an evening circle. Thursday night will be our closing ceremony and departure will be Friday the 14th after breakfast.

Location: Elohee Center

Address: 251 Elohee Drive Sautee Nacoochee, GA 30571

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Soul Sensuality: Embodiment & Intuition as fuel in uncertain times

With Julie Stuart

July 9 - 14, 2017

A skinny dip for your soul, Soul Sensuality is an immersive experience to rediscover your intuition, joy, body wisdom, power & creative life force. Through the intuitive painting process, embodiment practices and archetype discovery, you reveal a more empowered version of yourself, one that’s desperately needed in the world today. Because when women are fully embodied and standing in our creative power we are badass and unstoppable.

Julie Stuart Pic 3

Think of this retreat as creative cross-training. You don’t have to be an artist or have any art experience. In fact, many women who come have never picked up a paintbrush before. But there’s a part of you that is yearning for more creative expression, and you need a tender place to explore your heart’s longing.

This is an immersive experience so that you can let your schedule and obligations fall away, slipping into a pace of following your inner rhythms, your desires, and finding yourself in a creative dreamtime.

This is not about technique, it’s about listening to your intuition and seeing what wants to emerge. You can’t do it wrong.

There is no critiquing, editing or judgement. This is about self-exploration. This is about witnessing your process. This is about finding your truth within. This is about your freedom.

How far will you let yourself journey before fear holds you back?

How deep can you listen and allow without judging?

What is your relationship to receiving and where do you stop yourself?

There are dreams in you that desire daylight. You can manifest what you want by painting it.

For example, a previous participant painted a character, one of her spiritual guides, whose voice had been with her since childhood. This triggered a floodgate of knowledge and creativity pouring forth which wound its way into a book, a website and possibly a movie.

Why do this work?

When you are open to receiving the wisdom of your creativity, you access an endlessly renewable source of sustenance to fuel yourself while envisioning a future you want to joyfully participate in.

When your sensuality–your receptors for receiving– are turned on, you’re able to process what you are experiencing and make better decisions because you can trust your intuition to really know.

When you are centered in your wisdom, you are confident, clear, grounded and unshakeable, infused with a certainty that comes from deep within.

In these uncertain times we need women who know how to be resilient and embodied, who know how to trust themselves down to their core, who are bold and daring as they walk thru the world creating from their heart’s desire, and who are healing the world thru their presence.

I want to help you reconnect to your power, sensuality and creativity–and express it in the world.

All the supplies are included in the cost as well as an awesome goodie bag.

For more information about the retreat and Soul Sensuality, please visit: and






Julie Stuart
I am a creator of sacred space, of holding a strong container for you to dive into and safely explore the unknown within. I facilitate meetings professionally, guiding groups and teams through often challenging conversations using visual and creative methods.…
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