Summertime Sweetness

Summertime Sweetness

For those of you who know me, you know that I absolutely adore summer.  From the long sultry days, to the mesmerizing songs of the cicadas and frogs by night, the misty mornings, the refreshing swimming holes, the healthy garden bounties, the twinkling fireflies, the sun-kissed cheeks, and the vibrant green cathedral that surrounds us, I feel so invigorated.  Summertime shouts life, and it fills me with joy.

Fern Forest

Fern Forest

Summer at Elohee has been full of activity!

We began with a summer solstice celebration honoring the birth of Elohee with close friends and family who’ve been instrumental in helping to get where we are today.  It was truly a special day for me.  We meditated, had a fire ceremony, passed the talking stick, hiked, practiced intuitive readings, connected with the land, swam, sang, feasted and welcomed Elohee with open arms and heart!

elohee stick

Mandala Hall is still under construction, but it is taking shape!  We are learning so many things related to permitting, septic, commercial kitchen regulations, and the building process.  We are making decisions about roofing, paint color, doors, flooring, and I sure hope we make the right ones!

photo 1

photo 1

The natural swimming pond continues to amaze me.  The flowers are now in full bloom, and it is just spectacular.  There is nothing like a hike on the trails and then a dip in the pond to soothe the soul!  Michael and I and the doggies spend several nights a week on the mountain top watching the sun slip away saying goodbye to another day.  What a blessing.

lia pond waterfall

It is exciting to see the changes happening right before our eyes, and our dreams becoming reality.  I try to remember that when I look forward and see all the things that still need to be done before we don’t feel like we are in a perpetual construction zone.  We are in the final stages of completing the master plan with landscape architects, architects, surveyors, and the county.  Phase one will allow for a residential retreat for up to 30 people, and with phase two we are planning for 100!

In the meantime our weekend retreats at the cabin are growing in number!  This fall we already have 6 retreats booked!  I am excited for this as it is a perfect way to ease into holding the space for healing, and in return, being blessed by the wonderful energies of the retreat participants.

photo 1-6

This fall we are also gearing up for an Elohee Open House so that all of you who’ve been wondering what we are up to can come and check it out!  Mark your calendars for November 1st, more details to come.

So here’s me wishing you a very happy summer!

elohee purple flower

IMG_3936 (1)


  1. Can’t wait to visit. Looks like a lot of heart and soul are in this! It certainly shows!

  2. I love the photos Eve! You’ve done a great job putting this together. It’s very inviting! Love to you all.

  3. This is so very beautiful!
    I am so in love with the pictures. Breath taking. The reflections not only of oneself, the beauty one can see if only taking the time to open to the beauty that has been created.
    Count us in for the 1st of November.
    Us just saying Yes!

  4. This is beautiful, Evie. So exciting how things are evolving!! Love to all, Sandy

  5. Evie, absolutely gorgeous! Things are coming along so nicely!!! Great job by all! Can’t wait to see it again. Very exciting!

  6. I exult in your poetry on summer. My sunrise swims in Lake Arrowhead are soul stimulants.
    You belong in such a place because you enhance it.


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