Month: January 2020

Some Love from Elohee’s Kitchen

The “Love your Heart-Beet ” dressing was born out of Love.  Actionable Love which is the essence of Romance.  I have always had a love affair with fresh produce, herbs and spices. Nature provides this gorgeous bounty of ingredients to fuel our bodies.  Essentially, I have a crush on Nature !!!!  Love Pouring Love into Love…….. Happy Valentines! – Chef Craig King   Heart-Bee ...[Read More]

Loving Yourself

About 10 years ago when I was babysitting a 6-year-old girl, during a game of hangman she began screaming repeatedly, “I can’t guess this word!  I hate myself!  I hate myself! I hate myself!” I was in shock. I could not imagine how this young girl become so upset over a word in a hangman game.  She looked in total distress.  As my shock was wearing off,  I hugged her and t ...[Read More]