Elohee is thrilled to announce its 501(c)(3) non-profit status. Donations to the Elohee Center support a space where people come to retreat from daily life to find solace in nature and like-minded community. Many have said that the view from the top of Bald Mountain or the magical rhythm of the waterfall outside the Thanksgiving House has shifted their life perspective.

Elohee is nestled within 216 acres of land entitled Landsong which was purchased by Andy and Carolyn Bralley in 2010 while their daughter, Eve Cook, was battling refractory Hodgkin’s lymphoma. During Eve’s battle the land became a partner, along with her family, in aiding and supporting her throughout her healing process. Because of the land’s healing properties, the family was moved to share it and set aside around 30 acres for the creation of the Elohee Center. To date Eve is cancer free and not only a co-founder of Elohee, but also its Executive Director. The creation of the Elohee Center has fulfilled Eve’s lifelong dream of creating a container where people can retreat and find community in a nurturing and safe way. A gift to Elohee would allow the center to continue its growth and provide additional services.

Donations would go to center enhancements including trees, flowers, railings, hammocks, a labyrinth, building upkeep and operations including staffing, infrastructure, and marketing. Elohee also plans to begin a scholarship fund fueled by donations in 2020.