Elohee’s True Nature Immersion Signature Retreat Series

Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home; that wildness is a necessity

― John Muir

Come home to nature.  Come home to yourself.  Retreat, renew, and remember in the forests of Elohee.

Elohee’s immersions are structured around the seasons and allow participants to spend the majority of their time at Elohee in nature, rather than an enclosed meeting space. This allows participants to experience the transformative and healing powers of Nature herself. It allows us to fully exhale — exhale and release all the stresses we build up in our normal day to day routines.

Experience the Seasons at Elohee

These immersions will allow you to:

  • Connect deeply with true nature.
  • Embody your higher potential.
  • Rediscover the childlike state of wonder.
  • Tap into the power of imagination.
  • Become a force of nature.

As human beings, we are part of nature’s cycles and can see these cycles within ourselves. Most cultures represent these cycles in their mythologies, art, and literature. Living in a modern, industrialized society may remove us from our natural rhythms and cyclic nature. These immersions aim to reconnect us to the cycles of nature, cycles inherent in each of us.

Our Guides

Like magic, the guides for your True Nature Immersion found Elohee. What was discovered in Will and Gage was both talent and an ability to commune with Nature that is simply awe inspiring. Their energies match the energy of Elohee itself. We are grateful for them, and hope you can join us in a retreat so that you can experience their connection with Nature and the use of her energy.

Will Wynne

Since the age of seven, Will has explored, wandered, and immersed in the forests of North Georgia where his parents acquired a small cabin.  Over the years he became increasingly conscious to the effects of nature on his body, mind, and soul. What started as an escape from the city grew into an intimate connection to what he now calls “true nature.”  This connection lead to longer excursions into the wild, including a five-day vision fast, wilderness treks into the country’s wildest spaces, and a three-month journey along the Pacific Crest Trail. After a shift in perspective while studying petroleum engineering at LSU, Will left the traditional path to blaze his own trail into the unknown.  This organic way of life landed him here in the sacred Chattahoochee wilderness where he lives in a cabin and serves as a life coach, adventure guide, and team member at Elohee.

Gage Howell

“Hello!  I’m Gage and I Love breath, Life, and learning from all of the wonderful people (like you) that I encounter.  Along my personal journey, I’ve acquired tools for cultivating inner stillness and peace in the midst of all of Life’s activities.  Along with being a professional musician, I utilize my Yoga Teaching Certification and degree in World Religions to share that inner space in a way that invites all walks of Life to be as they Are.  I look forward to meeting you!”

Creations by Gage

  • Gage’s Music is on  iTunes, spotify, pandora, amazon, etc.
  • The albums “The Island,” “The Ocean,” and “We” are by “The People’s Mushroom”  are on Spotify
  • The latest album “Love, Mushie” is by “Mushie” is also on Spotify.
  • The book “Love, Mushie” by Gage Howell can be found on Amazon


The Retreats in the Series


Summer- Self Expression


Access effortless authenticity this summer at Elohee’s signature True Nature Immersion. Summer is a time of vitality, aliveness, and full self-expression. As we go into the wilderness and connect intimately with true nature, we tune into a heightened state of awareness. We begin to break through our shell, expand, and embody our full potential with ease. We transform.

This immersion aims to bring life to your authentic self, an inspired state of being that attracts abundance in all forms. There is no other expression in the universe like you. As you bring this unique expression to light, you align with the flow of life and become a force of nature. Life transforms from a struggle to a dance. This space of effortless authenticity is magnetic, and as you strengthen that connection life brings you the opportunities, people, and feelings that you desire.

At this Self-Expression Immersion you will:

  • Connect deeply with true nature.
  • Use summer to awaken your authentic self.
  • Embody your higher potential.
  • Rediscover the childlike state of wonder.
  • Tap into the power of imagination.
  • Become a force of nature.


Autumn – Letting Go

Relax, unplug, and unwind this fall at our True Nature Immersion: Letting Go. Indulge in the breathtaking, panoramic views of Elohee’s Bald Mountain.  Make like the trees and let go of your leaves, leaving behind the chaos and stress as you fall into the deeper nature of your true self.

Fall is an opportunity to step back, settle in, and surrender to the natural flow of life.  Let your creations and intentions fly into the wind, surrendering the struggle and strain to the way of the universe. Look around and enjoy the view.

Lean into true nature and discover the art of being.  Unwind.  Slow Down.  Let out the breath you’ve been holding in.  Mother nature is here for you and it is time to trust in the process.

This immersion aims to bring peace to your world giving ease to the worries of the mind.  Letting go will leave you free from stress and present to the miracle of life.   Allow your time in nature to transform your state into one of gratitude.   From this space, you can enter and bring home a new level of aliveness.

At this Letting Go Immersion you will:

  • Connect deeply with nature.
  • Align with the energy of fall.
  • Surrender to all that is.
  • Embody gratitude.
  • Rediscover a childlike state of wonder.
  • Tap into the power of imagination.
  • Become a force of nature.

Winter -Becoming Stillness

Slow down, relax, and look within to discover deep stillness. With the fast pace of today’s world, it can be easy to feel disconnected, stressed-out, and imbalanced. While we are conditioned for hard work and achievement, without taking time for relaxation, we can end up completely brunt out and in a cloud of fog. Productivity and achievement are quite challenging from this state of stress. Nature teaches us how to access an optimal and energized state of flow where we can operate with clarity and creativity.

Winter is a time to slow down the pace both internally and externally. At this immersion we see winter as an opportunity to go within and settle into to our true nature. As you give yourself the gift of time and space this season, the turbulent waves of the mind settle into a vast, peaceful ocean. The brain activity settles from an active state producing high frequency beta and gamma waves, to a more settled state producing alpha waves associated with mental coordination and learning.

At this Becoming Stillness Immersion, you will:

  • Connect deeply with nature.
  • Align with the energy of winter.
  • Discover deeper parts of yourself.
  • Access greater relaxation.
  • Rediscover a childlike state of wonder.
  • Tap into the power of imagination.
  • Become a force of nature.

Spring-Awakening the Seed

Access a new level of vitality this spring at Elohee’s True Nature Immersion: Awakening the Seed. This three-day experiential immersion in the beautiful forests of North Georgia’s mountains intends to leave you fully alive. With this newfound aliveness, nothing can stand in your way as you become a force of nature, breaking through any blockages and attracting infinite abundance.

Spring is an opportunity to rise out of the restful state of winter and bring new life to the world around you. The seed of your creative self opens, sending roots deep into the earth to bring stability. Simultaneously, the vulnerable life-force emerges from the ground, growing and expanding into the light.

We invite you to step out into the forest, shaking up, and waking up your true nature. Play your way through this immersion as the beauty of nature evokes your inner child. Imagine yourself tapping into an effortless flow that brings your life a new sense of wonder and ease. 

This immersion aims to take you into a deep relaxation creating access to new levels of energy. As we align with the energy of spring and tap into the soul’s potential, true nature begins to spring out of you, pulling you through life with unconditional joy and ease.

At this Awakening the Seed Immersion you will:

  • Connect deeply with Nature.
  • Align with the energy of spring.
  • Awaken the seed of your soul.
  • Become fully alive.
  • Rediscover a childlike state of wonder.
  • Tap into the power of imagination.
  • Become a force of nature.