Dining Hall

When we learn which foods make us feel our best, we nourish every cell of the body, mind, and spirit.
– Marti Wolfson, Chef and educator

Located in the lower level of Mandala Hall, the Elohee Dining Hall comfortably seats up to forty guests and includes an outdoor patio area. Buffet-style meals are gourmet vegetarian, with meat & fish, vegan, and gluten-free options available per request or need.

Food is one medicine that we seem quite willing to swallow – at least three times a day.
– Daphne Miller, MD, Farmacology

At Elohee we believe that food is the original medicine and plays an integral part in transformation. Thus, our primary focus is to provide delicious, nutritious meals that support mind, body and spirit by using ingredients that are organic and locally grown as much as possible.

…our gut physiology actually mirrors what happens in the soil. The intricate nutrient exchange between soil, microbe and plant is like the dance that takes place in our intestine, involving the mucosal lining, resident microbes and food (plants and animals)
– Daphne Miller, MD, Farmacology