Date & Time Details: Check-in begins at 3 p.m. on Thursday, and check-out is at noon on Sunday.

Location: Elohee Center

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The Essence of Being

With Danielle Gibbons

October 17 - 20, 2019

Come and revitalize yourself body and soul by spending four days basking in Mother Mary’s unconditional love and grace in the glorious North Georgia Mountains, October 17-20, 2019. A retreat with Mother offers the opportunity to step out of your busy life and into a circle of support that will open your heart deeper to love. Mother’s presence creates a safe place to discover and be yourself.

Busy lives can create energetic overload in our beings. We’re often focused so intently on doing and accomplishing that we forget the power of just being. If we become too overloaded it can lead to increased anxiety, depression, and feeling stuck or lost. When that starts to become our daily life it’s easy to fall into despair. You may feel as though life isn’t working out the way you’d hoped, or that you don’t have any choices, you have to continue the way you’re going now. These feelings can overwhelm your awareness and convince you that you’re more limited than you actually are.

Discovering how to be with yourself, life, and the divine is one of the most dynamic keys to empowerment and serenity. Being makes up a full half of a healthy and balanced life. Doing and accomplishing your goals is fantastic but not at the expense of your joy in living. During these four days with Mother, you’ll experience for yourself the essence of simply being. She will teach you how to connect more deeply with yourself and the divine for revitalization, clarity, and joy.

Give yourself the gift of retreat from business and overwhelm and join together with other amazing people to share laughter, tears, revelation, and bliss with Mother. She welcomes all who wish to open themselves to life.

Tuition includes Mother’s teachings, accommodations, all fabulous meals, taxes, and an MP3 audio recording of the retreat. We hope to see you there!


Danielle Gibbons
Danielle Gibbons is a full body channel for Mother Mary and the author of Mother Mary’s Pathway to Love: Building A Loving Relationship With Yourself That Will Transform Your Life. She has served as Mother Mary’s channel since 1994. Danielle…
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