• Double Occupancy/2 Twin Beds/Private Bath – $1,225.00
  • Double Occupancy/1 King Bed/Private Bath – $1,225.00
  • Small Private Room/Shared Bath – $1,225.00
  • Single Occupancy/1 King Bed/Private Bath – $1,565.00
  • Single Occupancy/2 Twin Beds/Private Bath – $1,565.00

Price includes the course fee, room, meals, and grounds fee but does not include taxes. Full price is shown upon selection of room type prior to registering. If you are interested in tent camping, please call 770-316-9195 ext. 1 for more information.

Date & Time Details: Check-in begins at 3 p.m. on Monday, and check-out is at 1 p.m. on Friday.

Location: Elohee Center

What to Expect: To help deepen your retreat experience, Elohee does not provide televisions or internet access (unless you bring your own hotspot). Cell phone service is excellent for AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. Your car will be left in a secured parking lot, and you will be shuttled up to your room upon arrival and shuttled back down to your car at departure. Shuttle service to your car is available at any time. All facilities at the top of the mountain are within a 5 minute walk of each other, with some gravel roads. 2 cottage rooms are ADA compliant, and all cottage rooms are on ground level.

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4 Mirrors to the Soul Retreat with Wild Communion-Christina Thomson & Dana Kindness

With Christy Thomson, Founder of Wild Communion and Dana Kindness

June 7 - 11, 2021

In 4 Mirrors to the Soul, we explore the 4 ways we learn about ourselves throughout our lives. We will do self-reflective journaling, artwork, and spend a large quantity of time in the out-of-doors with invitations to interact with the Earth. This retreat is focused on the ways we see ourselves; from the mirrors of self, our close family and friends, our communities and ideologies, and the Earth herself. Time spent within each of these will help to do the work of revealing our Selves. That core Self will show us where we will can stand firm in our strengths, be honest about our needs, and love ourselves into emotional, physical, and spiritual wholeness. We hope that as you depart, you will take the skill of listening and looking into each of these mirrors and they will guide you into a deeper knowing and feeling of being You. 

Retreat Schedule

Day 1

Check in after 4

Dinner at 6

Meet at 7 for orientation and introduction to retreat content 

Finished around 9 pm


Day 2

Forest therapy walk at 9

Lunch at 12 noon

Return at 2 or 3 for content on Self

Circles, Mandala, wander

Finish at 6


Free evening, sound bath, hiking, reading, etc..


Day 3

Forest Therapy walk at 9

Lunch at 12 noon

Return at 2 or 3 for content on Family

Circles, Voices, Mandala, notecards, ownership of stories

Dinner at 6

Storytelling at 8


Day 4 

Forest Therapy walk at 9

Lunch at 12 noon

Return at 2 or 3 for content on Community

Medicine walk, Integration, Mandala, Circles


Last Morning:

Letter from the land:

Mandala finish and storytelling

Last circle on integration


Christy Thomson 260-388-2745




Christy Thomson, Founder of Wild Communion
Christy grew up a Mormon girl in Midwest farm country. The oldest daughter in a big, beautiful family, she learned well what was expected of her and followed suit. Hard work, music training, homemaking and care for others young and…
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Dana Kindness
Dana Kindness is a Certified Sound Healing Practitioner with the Sound Embrace Institute and a Certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guide with the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy.  With these two powerful healing modalities backed by scientific research, she…
Learn more about Dana Kindness