Honor Woodard, BFA, LMT

An integrative body worker and artist, Honor Woodard, BFA, LMT has been settling into the ever expanding role of a healer as catalyst/mirror, deep presence, artist/transmitter, deep listener/distiller, dreamer/dreamworker and muse. A practitioner of Dynamic Stillness and Resistance & Release work, Honor’s studies with Deane Juhan, Giorgia Milne, Michael Meade, Robert Moss and Bill Plotkin have inspired her to approach teaching from the present moment, utilizing what is present in the room, in the body, in the surroundings in the group that shows up. Even before living a decade and a half in a rustic log cabin in southern Appalachia, Honor considered her time in solitude with Nature her greatest source of education and soul nourishment. Observing and resting in the peaceful, vital presence of the elements, and bringing her inquiry to the natural world, Honor has slowly cultivated the intention and skills to bring others along with her. Providing this deep presence, Honor will be offering the Awakening With Nature retreat in October.