Dawn Benson, Founder of Yoga Dawning

After almost 20 years of spending her days in a high stress job as an Executive Assistant, Dawn began to search for a way to manage stress and combat the chronic aches and pains she felt regularly. This is where her passion for yoga started. Dawn initially began her yoga practice for stress relief and to care for her body mentally and physically. The benefits were far greater than expected, physically, mentally and spiritually. Dawn decided she wanted to know more and completed a 200 hr. yoga teacher training. As her training progressed, her enthusiasm grew and she knew she wanted to share this knowledge and passion with everyone. Initially teaching under the name Yoga Lawrenceville, Dawn found there was a desire and a need for her kind of healing teaching. As more students came and wanted more classes, Dawn moved to a new space in Suwanee, GA and created Yoga Dawning. Her desire in this new space, was to provide a safe place where her students could unplug from the external world and shed their armor of protection. As students take time to learn about themselves in a deeper way, and to calm their amped up nervous systems, ripples of peace are sent out into the world. Her hope is that people leave each class with a better understanding of themselves and feeling empowered to continue their self-awareness and carrying a more peaceful spirit with them as they go.

Teaching full time since 2013, Dawn has gained experience and knowledge and found her natural strengths rooted in her intuition and caring for people, allowing them feel comfortable being themselves. Dawn mostly enjoys teaching beginner, gentle, meditative and restorative yoga, but is skilled at giving options to many different levels of students in a mixed levels class also. She enjoys sharing yoga with those students who have never tried yoga and often think they can’t do yoga. It is a rewarding experience to help someone through their initial exposure to the magic of yoga. Preferring small class sizes, Dawn excels at giving a more personalized experience for her students. Her calm nature and energy, paired with a soothing voice and caring heart provides the perfect mix for creating an open and healing space for her students to learn about themselves.

Dawn has been trained in teaching group fitness classes to people with Parkinson’s Disease through Movement Disorder Training. She is a member of the PD Gladiators network of fitness instructors and provides weekly yoga classes adapted for people with Parkinson’s Disease.
She is a Wellness Advocate and essential oils educator with doTERRA Essential Oils. With this background, she incorporates essential oils into her classes for physical and emotional benefits.
Dawn believes yoga is accessible to everyone. You don’t have to be flexible to start yoga. Her classes are taught from this perspective where she focuses on teaching her students to be non-judgmental and compassionate toward themselves. We live in a performance based society where we learn to “look” or “do” a certain way and often don’t give ourselves the time to “just be”. Dawn believes yoga can be that gift and desires for her students to experience the self-awareness and acceptance yoga can bring to anyone willing to open this gift.