Carolyn Guthrie Lambert

Carolyn Guthrie Lambert is a lawyer/business person by training, but more importantly, she is the mother of adolescents who experience debilitating anxiety and depression

For more than 20 years Carolyn focused her professional energy on designing and implementing approaches to address organizational conflict and its consequences.  Through consultation, education, training and ongoing support, she helped others manage countless challenges, saving time and money, and reducing stress.  Her work produced higher functioning organizations with happier, more productive members.

In 2014, Carolyn faced the greatest challenge of her personal and professional life. Her adolescent son– the sweet, polite, active, social, high achieving child she had always known– began to disappear. He stopped participating in activities he loved. He developed physical symptoms. His internet dependency progressed to a point that kept him out of school. Gradually, he withdrew until he barely interacted with others. As a parent, it was devastating to see him slipping away and feel helpless to stop it.

Carolyn’s experience finding the help her son needed drove her to start Nathan’s Waypoint.  Her passion now is to aid other families who are navigating the treacherous road of adolescent anxiety and depression.  She uses her knowledge, skills and experience to help families make informed decisions about their future.