Abby Hirsch Phillips

Abby (Hirsch Phillips) is a resilient, three-time cancer survivor known for imparting user-friendly information with energy, joy and humor.

An award-winning organization development, entrepreneur and business consultant she has enjoyed 30 years improving businesses and the lives of the people that run them.

When her clients said they wished they could shrink her and carry her around in their pocket for inspiration, ideas and problem solving, Abby decided to launch ‘Abby In My Pocket’ – a just in time resource for her tribe of dynamic women in business.

Known as an ‘ideation machine’, Abby’s style is results driven yet empathetic, action oriented and inspiring, with an emphasis on joy and increased sales!

Her mission is simple – to help as many as possible realize true joy in the work they do, so they can connect with and positively impact the world around them.