Abby Hirsch Phillips

Known for imparting user-friendly information with energy, joy and humor, Abby is an award-winning organization development, entrepreneur and business consultant and trainer who has enjoyed 30 years improving businesses and the lives of the people that run them. Known as an ‘ideation machine’, Abby’s style is results driven yet empathetic, action oriented and inspiring, with an emphasis on joy and increased sales!

 Abby has launched four successful entrepreneurial businesses and enjoyed 12+ years working in Career and Change Management and Organization Development with one of the world’s largest HR consulting firms.

 A resilient, three-time cancer survivor and mother of two, her passion for all things artistic finds its way to photography, singing, clothing design and even Improv!  Abby’s mission is to help as many as possible realize true joy in the work they do, create, and take advantage of the opportunities in front of them, and connect with and positively impact the world.

Events with Abby Hirsch Phillips

Courage~Clarity~Confidence: Celebrate new ways to see yourself
March 1, 2019

Come co-create a self-care practice for your personal and professional life! Women like us are asking questions and seeking answers. What steps can I take to ensure my footing, feel more in control, continue to value and trust myself? How can I choose wisely…