Naima Gwen Lewis, Ph.D., IAYT

Naima Gwen Lewis received her Ph.D. in Education from the Univ. of California at Berkeley, her Masters in Dance from Mills College, and her Bachelors in Health/ Physical Education from Calif. St. Univ.  at Los Angeles.   Professor Lewis has taught Health, Human Development, Dance, Fitness, Yoga, and Wellness courses at U.C. Berkeley, Howard Univ., Clark Atl. Univ., Fort Valley St. Univ., Kennesaw St., Univ., and Florida A&M Univ.  She has served as a consultant for CDC, DHS, NIH and has lectured, performed, taught and/or researched for many nonprofit and for-profit agencies internationally.

 Based on her years of experience in the fields of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health, in 2016 Dr. Lewis was “grandfathered” into the International Association of Yoga Therapists.  Currently she applies her therapeutic Yoga practice in private and semiprivate groups, focusing on their special needs. The Shaping Shades of Gray programs are an outgrowth of her research regarding the age-specific population needs of young seniors.  She also directs HYer DYnamic Health Discoveries (HY-DY Inc.)  programs, products and trainings, and manages HY-DY’s Yoga Teacher Training School, accredited by Yoga Alliance. 

 Dr. Lewis has authored and edited health education books, manuals and peer reviewed articles.    Her Yoga DVDs and most recent “Breathe into Believing” MP3 Yoga music and guided meditation series, will be available at HY-DY’s Shaping Shades of Gray retreat at Elohee.