Ona Hawk, Guest Teacher

Ona Hawk is a 500hr certified yoga teacher who blends her passions for art, history, travel and holistic health to help share the many ways to inner balance. Inspired by the power that yoga reinstilled within her, Ona found a practice that united her skills and curiosities to help herself and others overcome stress and trials to take back control over their health and well-being. Ona began her teaching journey in Jamaica in 2013 and soon after opened doors of a yoga studio dedicated to Kemetic Yoga, helping to make the ancient African sciences of healing accessible to her Atlanta community. In 2017 she made a journey to be trained in classical Hatha Yoga in Mysore, India and she continues to travel to learn and teach at retreats, teacher trainings and workshops. Ona finds her joy and inspiration most in teaching children and guiding all ages back to the well of spirit that connects, heals and gives us life: the breath.

Grateful for the support from her community, teachers, students and donors that have helped her, Ona continues to broaden her experiences with new teachers and strives to help open paths for others to discover and trust their ability to live fully in their purpose.