Ilona Moore

Yoga is a self-study, and so it was with me. When I started questioning my life, probing into the deeper layers of the quest for the meaning of life, that was when yoga opened a door to me, inviting me in. I stepped in, and my journey began. Immediately, I got intrigued and at the same time realized that it would be not a passing interest but something infinitely more profound. Yoga does not reveal itself all at once; you have to discover it as you live it, one day at a time. And so I live!

Another realization occurred pretty quickly: that I cannot contain it, but rather have to share. It is similar to a bottomless container: the more you share, the more you have. And so I share!

Last year Graham Fowler, the founder and owner of Peachtree Yoga for almost 20 years, graciously decided that I should carry on the tradition of Peachtree Yoga. I am very humbled and honored by his decision and feel the tremendous responsibility of continuing in the spirit of yoga that Graham has established and sustained throughout the twenty years of Peachtree’s existence.
I promise to keep this spirit alive and to do my best to grow the community of people who come together under the roof of Peachtree Yoga Center.