Adrienne Milam

Adrienne Milam is a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, with over 12 years of nursing experience. An Atlanta native, she obtained both her BSN and MSN from Georgia State University and continues to live downtown, in the Old Fourth Ward. Although she loved the work, the patients, and her colleagues while working at Grady Memorial Hospital and Atlanta Medical Center (now Wellstar Atlanta), she found herself in the midst of burnout. Struggling to maintain balance and self-care with a demanding career and caring heart, she started to experience physical health problems that could not be ignored.

Despite being a longtime advocate and patron of various methods of self-care, including psychotherapy, medication, life-style modifications, and meditation, nothing was enough to combat the stress or new physical health problems, including consulting specialists within the western medical model. She decided to take a stand for herself like never before, and left her job in order to fully dedicate herself to reclaiming her own health and happiness. She finally respected her desire to explore creative endeavors and found joy in making jewelry, specifically creating pieces rooted in meditation, healing, and connecting with nature. She is also currently studying Holistic Nursing, Nurse Coaching, and Integrative Medicine with the National Institute of Whole Healthã, the only nationally accredited program for Patient Health Education, Patient Advocacy and Health Coaching. After experiencing the transformative and hope-giving power of a retreat herself in 2017, she has created a retreat for her fellow care-giving professionals. She is committed to starting a movement for compassion, which begins with a focus on those that have dedicated their lives to having compassion for others.