Kerri Williamson

In her practice as a massage therapist, Kerri Williamson specializes in Maya Abdominal Therapy, massage for menopause, and perinatal massage. A graduate of Body Therapy Institute in 2008, Kerri’s other modalities include Swedish and myofascial massage, integrated with acupressure and reflexology. Kerri’s massage work is often described as intuitive, meditative, and contemplative, and is good for everyone.  Kerri is involved in women’s circles around Durham, Chapel Hill, and Hillsborough. More about Kerri: www.tranquilitydurham.com

Events with Kerri Williamson

Move, Rest, Repeat: A chance to restore and refresh yourself in community
May 17, 2019

Does any of this resonate with you? You feel like your body’s broken due to diastasis or pelvic floor issues; everyone—maybe even your doctor—tells you “that’s just how it is after you have kids/after 40/etc.” You haven’t exercised in a…