Tiffany Kelly, Mind, Body & Power Coach

Tiffany Kelly, the owner of Loose the Power Within! has firsthand knowledge of what it takes to conquer the weight-loss journey; having lost over 80 pounds, overcoming high blood pressure and many other challenges that women commonly face. As a coach with a spiritual foundation, Tiffany seeks to help women discover what’s keeping them from achieving their weight-loss goals by creating coaching programs that meet each woman’s personal needs. She is the author of Lady of Power: 31 Mind, Body & Power Inspirations for Your Weight-loss Journey and a valuable member of the team, as leader for the Inspirational Workout at many YANA RETREATS. For more information on her coaching services and her book go to www.loosethepowerwithin.com.

Events with Tiffany Kelly, Mind, Body & Power Coach

The 7th Annual Journey to Purpose and Passion
June 7, 2019

What is your soul seeking right now?  Is it a circle of sisters who can hold your hand, your heart and your dreams?  Is it a refueling station where you can take off the Superwoman cape to replenish spiritually and…