Matthew L. Mitchelson, PhD

Hi, I’m glad you’re here!  My name is Matthew L. Mitchelson, and I am an Associate Professor of Geography at Kennesaw State University.  I also facilitate the Kennesaw Joy Seekers group and publish the Joyat6 daily email and blog (www.joyat6.com).  My formal academic training led me to Geography, and to the social and spatial dynamics that make (and re-make) places.  Paraphrasing one of my heroes, I don’t just want my students to know where Nebraska is; I want them to know why Nebraska is.  So, why is a college professor facilitating a retreat?  Well, I am a helper by nature.  Unfortunately, the needs of people with whom I work are often beyond the scope of a formal, academic experience.  I need to help more, and to help differently, than the parameters of my job allow.  So, the Geography of Joy retreat results from my own pursuit of Joy.  My intention with this retreat is to better-align my professional practices (learning and teaching about the Earth and its people) with my personal passion for seeking and spreading Joy.  If I am successful, every participant will know their place in the world well, and they will strive to be evermore Joyful neighbors and stewards of our shared Earth.  I am also fortunate enough to be a Husband and Dad, concerned citizen, home renovator, fan of all things local, and I believe that John Prine is a living treasure.  Write me anytime (mattmitchelson@gmail.com), and I hope that we’re able to connect.  Here’s to your Joy!