Adam Funderburk, LPC

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (GA License # LPC008540) at The Anxiety & Stress Management Institute. I have had quite a diverse and eclectic work history, encompassing construction, personal training, and finance, before becoming an LPC in 2011. Given my professional background, as well as my life-long personal interests in religion, philosophy, history, neuroscience, culture, ecology, and physiology, counseling seemed the only career in which I could possibly incorporate all of these studies. I have trained and taught in various martial arts systems over the past 32 years; indeed, that is where my interest in Eastern philosophy began. That interest evolved from martial practice into Buddhist practice over the past 15 years. My Buddhist practice is primarily Theravada with an emphasis in early Buddhism, but I have studied a variety of Buddhist paths over the years. I have attended many meditation retreats as part of my practice, the longest being a month long silent retreat at Cloud Mountain Retreat Center in Washington state. I also teach various types of meditation to my counseling clients, and have been the facilitator of the mindfulness meditation group at ASMI for the past 5 years. Ultimately, I want to share the deep love and respect that I have for spiritual practice with others, and teach the skills that have helped me so much in my own life.