M. Amos Clifford

Amos is the founder of the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs. He is the primary architect of the method of forest therapy now used in 55 countries and emulated by other forest therapy training organizations throughout the world. Amos is also author of Your Guide to Forest Bathing, a best-selling handbook.

“I’ve been fascinated with the vocation of guiding since 1973, when I began working as a wilderness guide at the age of 19. I guided seasonally in the Sierra Nevada until 1994. My career developed in other ways, as a psychotherapist, non-profit entrepreneur, educational consultant, and zen practitioner and teacher. Eventually I wove those strands together and founded the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs (ANFT). My intention was to explore what it means to be a guide, and to train guides to do the unique and essential work of connecting people with their ancestral memories of relationship to all beings and to the world. ANFT has now grown into a global organization with trained and certified guides in 48 countries on six continents.

I continue to learn and evolve my understanding of what it means to be a guide, and of how guides work most powerfully. I’m guided by “stories,” the ways I make sense of the world. Chief among these stories is that the Earth is in a liminal time, a passage with a future that is uncertain for humanity and many other species. In liminality, the archetype of the guide emerges as a critical creative force. Our advanced training is above all else a place to learn together and to explore how guides and related archetypes can effectively step up to the great work that is now demanded of us. Wild Communion is a place where I feel I can explore explicitly spiritual manifestations of this work, including ways of bringing nature connection into religious and faith communities.

Events with M. Amos Clifford

Houses of the Heart
September 21, 2020

Houses of the Heart explores ways of listening deeply to the richest parts of our experience and intuition. This retreat is about awakening our awareness of the intelligence that resides in our heart and learning how to be guided by…