Kat Butler

Kat Butler is a healer, a joyful rebel and spiritually curious woman. She is a Mastery Level III Alchemist and loves to educate others on how Alchemy can invite you to find your true self and discover the power of your Soul. She has a deep reverence for the healing potential of the body and, as a Certified Raw Food Chef, uses her skills to educate people on how to bring balance back to the body, mind and spirit through nourishment in order to effect a healing. Additionally, she reads the Akashic Records, is a practitioner of one of the oldest forms of magic in the world – Animal Medicine – and is a budding herbalist.  Kat believes we are called to bring laughter, comfort, encouragement, wholeness and love to this planet and all its inhabitants. She encourages her clients to live more consciously so they can start making clearer choices across all areas of their lives and emphasizes the necessity of appreciating the gifts of the natural world for healing and empowerment.