Nasirah Denisse

Nasirah Denisse is a 200-hour registered yoga teacher, born in Panama but considers herself an “Honorary Peach” because she’s resided in Atlanta for 25+ years.

After years of athletic activity taking a toll on her body, Denisse began to experience joint pain. Doctors told her that she had some deterioration of cartilage in her knees and hips which could be the onset of osteoarthritis. This new “diagnosis” forced her to look for alternative methods of exercise with less impact and stress on her body. Enters yoga. She knew that she could still stay fit doing yoga without the “wear and tear” on her joints. After a few months of practicing yoga consistently, her joint inflammation and pain ceased. In addition to the physical benefits, Denisse also found clarity and balance in the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of her wellbeing. After practicing yoga for a few years and knowing its transformational capacity firsthand, Denisse decided to pursue her yoga teacher certification so that she could introduce and share this phenomenon with others. 

In her classes, Denisse creates an inviting environment that encourages yogis of all levels to let go of judgement and ego. She asks participants to take time out of the “hustle and bustle” to stretch, strengthen, breathe, affirm and relax. She enjoys teaching various styles of yoga: power/core yoga; vinyasa; gentle; and yin yoga classes, especially to students that are new to the practice. 

Denisse operates Yoga Infinitum through which she hosts self-care yoga sessions, Self-ies (for Self-Ease) and serves her private clients. Additionally, she has taught yoga classes for teachers in city schools and college campuses; high school basketball players and students; and in fitness studios. She currently teaches classes for Vibe Ride (voted Atlanta’s #1 gym in 2019) and YMCA of Metro Atlanta.