Ann Pauley, Co-Founder, The Posture Project

Ann Pauley empowers people to reclaim their lives to enjoy better health and confidence in their body & being. She is an ultimate teacher wherever she goes.  Whether she is in front of a classroom or working with her massage clients, she coaches people about their body, how their mind affects their body, and how their Spirit connects and shines through all parts of themselves.

Ann is co-owner of The Posture Project. She graduated from the Academy of Somatic Healing Arts (ASHA) in 1998 as a Massage Therapist with certificates in Sports Therapy, Neuromuscular Therapy, and Swedish Massage.  She has studied Clinical Massage Therapy in depth and has worked with several chiropractors during her many years of experience.

Ann is an experienced Sports Massage instructor, former Department Head at ASHA and a certified Life Coach. Over her long career, she has developed several continuing education courses and a 6-month intensive called The Life Changer Program to help people step into their power and create the life they imagined.