special guest April Punsalan

April Punsalan serves as a voice for plants.  Her main calling and purpose in life is to protect plant diversity, restore the sacred connection between humans and plants, and to increase the health and vitality of people with primarily native herbs.  April has 24 years of plant experience: Horticulture Degree, Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, Traditional Herbalism Certification, and thousands of hours of independent study in the ethnobotany field.  To share her knowledge with the world, April founded Yahola Tea and Yahola Herbal School.

Events with special guest April Punsalan

White Flag Fall Retreat
October 21, 2021

White Flag Recovery Retreats are like nectar to the soul. ✨ We MUST take time out of our regular daily life to gain space and perspective. To be re-energized and re-invigorated, reminded and re-aligned with our true nature so that…