Yemaya Adédoja

R.A.W Priestess Coach & Facilitator

Yemaya Adédoja is an educator, transformation coach, wellness practitioner and iyalorisha.

A former high school math teacher with almost 20 years of classroom experience, Iya Adédoja found that what she enjoyed the most about teaching is being able to support and walk alongside others through a process of discovery and “problem” solving.

She founded Akoma Wellness where she serves as a spiritual doula and guide to individuals who are ready to transform their lives through sacred circles, intuitive readings, and energy healing services. In September 2019, she was initiated as a Priestess of Yemaya in Havana, Cuba. Her intention is to create sacred spaces to share her knowledge of indigenous practices in an effort to support individuals in re-membering who they are and embrace the power that comes with being connected to their hearts. Her prayer is that we be whole. be love. be free

Events with Yemaya Adédoja

R.A.W. Radically Awakened Woman
August 27, 2021

ubuntu-based healing. shamanic life coaching. natural immersion breakthrough Reclaiming women’s spirituality and women’s ritual is absolutely vital for the care and sustenance of a woman’s soul and when a woman is empowered and centered, there is a natural resonance with…