Yeye Jagun Obaluaye

R.A.W Priestess Coach & Facilitator

Dr. Chief Yeye Jagun Obaluaye is a Writer, Meta-Physicist, Spirit Guide,and Priest. Chief Yeye paternally comes from a long line of Haitian Manbos, and is continuing tradition in the indigenous practice of Ifá. Both maternally and paternally gifted psychic mediumship, clairaudience, and psychic empathy amongst other psychic gifts. She was raised with the mixture of traditional religion and Hoodoo magic as her foundation.

As a descendent of Obaluaye, she has been tasked to continue his healing work on Orisa’s behalf. Chief Yeye is a Priest for Obaluaye, Nana Buruku, and Egbe Jagun. She has a beautiful mixture of science, modern modalities, and ancient wisdom yielding her a light reflection to the spirits who align with her.

Olufunke also does racial equity from a spiritual intelligent and mindful lens as well as emergency management utilizing the same equity mindfulness framework. Olufunke is a multi-faceted spiritual craftsman building better communities, one person at a time.


Events with Yeye Jagun Obaluaye

R.A.W. Radically Awakened Woman
August 27, 2021

ubuntu-based healing. shamanic life coaching. natural immersion breakthrough Reclaiming women’s spirituality and women’s ritual is absolutely vital for the care and sustenance of a woman’s soul and when a woman is empowered and centered, there is a natural resonance with…