Becky Butler, LCSW

I have been a psychotherapist for 25 years and a meditator for almost 40 years.  Through both therapy and teaching, I offer an integrated model of emotional healing and spiritual cultivation.

Many forces have shaped my work: growing up in Mexico and Italy, an early career in documentary filmmaking, an undergraduate degree from Harvard University and a master’s from the University of Georgia, five years as clinical director of a treatment facility for adolescents and another five as a consultant in public systems reform for the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

Underlying all circumstances of work and life has been my experience with meditation. I was fortunate enough to learn to meditate at 19, and it has provided my compass setting ever since. I spent 18 years practicing a form of Buddhist meditation and have spent another 20 practicing the blend of Buddhism and Taoism that I now teach. It has served as my own road Home, and it is a privilege to teach it to others.