Kate Cooley

Kate (Katia) Cooley

I’ve always known the importance of earth connection, and have been blessed with much time in the outdoors.  Several years ago, I was troubled by chronic lower back pain.  My chiropractor encouraged me to “earth” ….to go outdoors once a day, and lay flat on my back for at least 15 minutes, directly on the ground, planting my bare feet on the ground as well. It worked!! And now, I enjoy encouraging others to have the earthing experience.

When I say “connection”, I mean it literally, be it earth, or human…self, or other….I am a connection facilitator. That’s what draws me to retreats, earthing, leading conscious conversation, yin yoga, meditation, reiki….barefoot hikes, forest bathing….the list is endless, where we find and make connections.

Kerry and I have connected via Elohee, sacred circles and high holidays. We want to connect with you, in this beautiful setting, that is Elohee, and enjoy our connections with all our people present. We will connect with this hallowed ground as well as the emerald canopy, and silken water. You will feel your connection to all there is…..that is my primary purpose.