Billy Chism

Billy Chism is pleased to return to Elohee to offer a weekend writing retreat.

Billy believes Elohee is the perfect location for this writing workshop because the retreat center offers a safe environment for attendees.

“It’s important that everyone feel relaxed, safe and able to explore their thoughts during this retreat, which we are calling ‘Writing from the Heart: Your Memoir,” he said. “We’ll have  plenty of writing exercises, but at no time will anyone be required to read anything unless they want to.”

In one way or another, Billy has been involved in writing most of his life. Through the years, he has helped a wide variety of writers shape their stories and make them more truthful, readable and interesting.

Enthusiasm and caring are keys to his teaching style.

Billy graduated with honors from the University of Georgia in 1973 with a degree in journalism. His first job was a reporter for a weekly newspaper, where he learned about people and the stories each one had.

He spent a large portion of his career in the corporate world – in communications, marketing and human resources. He returned to the world of newspapers in 2007, where he served as editor and publisher of the White County News for nine years. During this time, he wrote a weekly column, Down the Chism Trail, where some of his most popular columns were about growing up in a small South Georgia town.

“I want each participant to feel confident about writing about their life, and I will be there to help and to encourage them along the way. It will be a fun journey,” he said.