Amy Fendley

Amy Fendley, is a graduate of Kennesaw State University and is triple Certified through the International Sports Sciences Association as a personal trainer, exercise stretch therapist and specialist in nutrition. Amy continued to broaden her repertoire in 2014 to include teaching Yoga and Chakra Balancing. Amy has always had a vision for reaching women physically, spiritually and emotionally through complete wellness.

Since her stage presence at the Miss Alabama pageant in 1992 as Miss Congeniality, Amy recognized the need for women to stay grounded and just be themselves. Even though her interview didn’t win her the crown, her personality won the hearts of her fellow contestants and since her pageant days, she has won the hearts of many with her loving nature and genuine spirit. Amy has dedicated much of her life to transforming women through whole body health and wellness, as the Founder and Owner of a holistic female only health and wellness company, where her business logo is the 1st Chakra, which means “grounded” in the Sanskrit world. Amy knows that when a woman stays grounded, she is rooted and when a woman is rooted, she is strong.