Kelly Walden, RCC

Kelly Walden has been involved in personal development coaching and breathwork trainings for over 25 years. Kelly is a Registered Corporate Coach and Life Coach, a breath work trainer/coach and a relationships trainer. Kelly assists in Co-managing one of the largest breathwork communities in the world.

Kelly brings humor and positive, motivational energy to the seminars that she leads. Some of her favorite workshops that she enjoys teaching is in the study of finances and career, relationships of all kinds, inner child work and all adventure trainings including swimming with the dolphins.

Kelly served eight years on the Board of Directors with ARTI. (Association of Rebirthers and Trainers International from 1995 at its conception until 2003). She is presently a member of WABC (Worldwide Association of Business Coaches). She is also a DISC Facilitator.

When interviewed, Kelly shared that her greatest asset in life is the honor of getting to do this work. She said that it is a true blessing and she will always be grateful. Working with others is the highlight of her life.