Jody “Joy” Rendell

Joyologist, Inspiration coach, Motivational speaker and Team trainer, Master facilitator and Expressive dance facilitator

Master’s degree in Ab work. Caught belly laughing often and in broad daylight. Dances out loud while everyone is watching 🙂

A glimpse inside:
My whole life I felt not good enough, not lovable enough, less then. You get the idea! Everyone was better than me, richer than, smarter than, happier than me, you fill in the blank! Big Ol’ victim!
I have been on a life long journey to find peace and finally things shifted for me when I became aware of my self-limiting beliefs and blocks that kept me feeling small in the world and a whole lot of not-enoughness!
I realized, holy cow! I’ve been believing everything in my brain like it was completely true! A lot of my thoughts about myself were just mean and lies!  A biggie was I just didn’t belong anywhere and I was terribly flawed. I just agreed with a bunch of crap that was told to me as a child and that I then patterned throughout most of my life. Do you realize we don’t have to believe everything we hear in our noggins?! Ah, yes, freedom!
I’ve been in the process of undoing all these beliefs and blocks and now I often feel the truth of who I am, which is powerful, loving, peaceful and authentically joyFULL! I had a lot of wisdom in my head from the gazillion books I had read and workshops I did, but I never knew how to apply it all and live it. I found I was still suffering. I went from a life of hiding out to a life rich with friends, love and creating two companies that are amazing and that transform lives.  I get to help bring the awesomeness out in you, the joy that is already within you and your birthright! That is so exciting.  I am blessed beyond measure that I get to share my journey and use the tools that helped me. Does it mean I’m done or have arrived, heck no!  I’ve just cleared enough space to enjoy this crazy wonderful journey called life. You know my name is Jody, but if you take the D out of it, I am JOY!  I’m so grateful that I get to be joyFULL much more than I am not. That’s a big deal!

Along with my personal development journey and passion for growth, I have over 10 years of training and personal development expertise to share with you in our exciting retreats and play shops.
For fun, I love anything where I can scream “weeeeee” like In-line skating downhill, the water, Arial Silks, Dancing of any kind and all the time, and my favorite thing is to belly laugh until it absolutely hurts.
Look forward to connecting with you soon!