Suzanne Bailey

Joyologist, Healing Touch Practitioner, Self-Healing Coach, Expert Inner Guru Mentor, Angel Intuitive & Artist

Often caught in rollerblades, on a paddleboard, in the ocean, booty shaking, or loving on a tree. If the sun is out, so is she, catch her if you can : )

A glimpse inside:

A born worry wart, “nobody likes me”, perfectionist who never measured up, glass half empty girl, in my mid-twenties I started studying spirituality to try and figure out how and why when I had NOTHING to complain about I complained about everything, especially my giant list of imperfections. Once I became a Mom I was inspired to ramp up my efforts so my negativity wouldn’t rub off on my children. Fast forward to my late 40’s when everything came crashing down and through the dark night of the soul and lots of books, workshops, friends, faith and love I was reborn with a full glass spilling over, carefree spirit with surfboard in one hand, rollerblades in the other; with a smile on my face and looking for the next great outdoor adventure! I was on a mission to find all the missing parts of myself like a puzzle, the dancer, the athlete, the artist, the servant to mankind, and the woman worthy of unconditional love for herself.  I found my way back home to myself and discovered my joy, my gift for healing and passion for spreading love and light and bringing people home to their AWESOME, unique, beautiful, unstoppable selves.  I am a certified Level 3 Healing Touch Practitioner, Ordained Minister, Artist, Angel Intuitive and LOVER OF LIFE, Surfer Girl. I believe every day is an extraordinary opportunity to allow for miracles and create the life you always dreamed of through self-love, surrender, belief re-patterning, and gratitude. Do you know we are made of the same energy that we see in a beautiful sunrise, the intelligence of a tree to grown, and everything that exists?  Isn’t that fantastic news?  I can’t wait to meet you and help you find your way home to your inner guru, self-healer and shiny awesome you!