MJ Impastato

MJ Impastato is a professional leadership and life coach, speaker, and MoJo expert. Her mission is to help people feel comfortable in their own skin, so they can be confident being themselves. She creates experiential retreats that foster a safe, welcoming environment using visualizations, breath and body work, and interactive activities.  Her warmth and deep intuition help people heal, accept themselves, and ultimately live happier lives. MJ has worked with hundreds of individuals and organizations to bring them back to their true selves, so they can move from surviving to thriving in their lives and businesses. MJ is a native of Louisiana and currently lives in Marietta, GA. with her husband, Dawson. MJ is a Co-Active Coach, a certified Yoga of Recovery counselor, an Akashic Records Master Healer, and also trained with the Center for Mind Body Medicine.

For more information about MJ, visit http://www.mjimpastato.com/