Elohee Founders

Eve Cook — Executive Director

While professionally trained in Biomedical Science, Eve shifted careers due to the peace and healing she found with nature.  Eve, her husband, and her parents dreamed of creating a place like Elohee —a container where people can retreat and find community in a nurturing and safe way–while Eve faced ongoing cancer treatments.  Eve envisioned a place where the land becomes a partner with facilitators, guests, and staff for personal growth and healing. She believes being still and listening to nature can bring some of life’s greatest gifts.  Eve truly enjoys engaging with retreat facilitators and participants in person while they are at Elohee. Eve also loves reading, traveling, expressing herself through her artwork, and the time spent with her husband and furry companions. 

Michael Cook — Facilities Manager

Michael has always been one to work with his hands and through the years has found that he is most comfortable when surrounded by nature.  A background of two decades in manufacturing and industrial maintenance has provided him with the skills to manage the infrastructure needs of the center.  Michael loves that Elohee provides him the opportunity to get his hands dirty and stay connected with nature. Over the past few years, guests have given him the nickname “That Guy” as he pops up and handles most any need and situation. 

Augustin Bralley CIO

Augustin (Aug) is the Chief Information Officer at Elohee and has been the go-to for IT support since day one – “since Elohee was just an idea floating around.” It’s been one of Augustin’s highest honors to work with his extended family to build this special place, but it is actually the second family business that he has been a part of advancing. After graduating with a degree in Computer Science, Aug conducted all IT helpdesk support and web development, including marketing and SEO, in this first family business, Metametrix. He also participated at the Director level and helped drive many strategic initiatives for six years prior to the implementation of Elohee. When Augustin is not supporting Elohee, you can find him at Scribd – a subscription book and audiobook service – where he is currently the Engineering Manager. Fun Fact: Aug and his wife met at Burning Man. They now live in San Francisco with their Pug named Bug. (Bug adores Aug!)

James & Carolyn Bralley

James and Carolyn Bralley serve on the Elohee Board of Directors. They were instrumental in the creation of Elohee and serve it today in advisory and supportive roles.

In the early 1980s, shortly after James received his PhD in Medical Sciences from the University of Florida, they started a clinical laboratory business specializing in functional laboratory testing. After nearly 30 years, they sold the laboratory and retired to the Georgia mountains where they purchased the land on which Elohee sits today.

 James and Carolyn were students at the University of Illinois in the early 1970s where they met through their involvement in Transcendental Meditation. Over the decades, meditation, yoga and retreats have been a big part of their lives together. They frequently took their young children on camping trips to the Georgia mountains and fell in love with the forests there. With its focus on healing, nature immersion, retreat, meditation, yoga and service, Elohee was a natural progression for their retirement years.

James most often goes by his nickname Andy. You will notice Andy’s woodworking hobby throughout Elohee in headboards, night tables, benches, gong stand, etc. (Carolyn assisting). He can also be seen on his riding mower, maintaining the expansive yards on Bald Mountain and at the Bamboo Cottage. Carolyn helps as needed with accounting, gift shop, etc. Many of you have met them as they shuttle you up and down the mountain, delighted to share this beautiful space with you!

Elohee Family – Coordination Gurus

Cheryl Obremski –Vision Coordinator

Cheryl collaborates with Elohee’s team and retreat facilitators to assist in creating and expressing their visions.  She loves all forms of communication including using technology to simplify tasks and organize data. A highlight of Cheryl’s day is meeting new facilitators and guiding them on a tour of Elohee’s spaces.  Cheryl’s background is in program/project management, customer lifecycle management, team leadership, and marketing. She has an English degree and an MBA. She is also an Energy Worker, Reiki Master, and yoga teacher. Cheryl was blown to Elohee by hurricane Irma in 2017 and became part of the Elohee family in August of 2018. The pull of the center allowed her to leave a career in the corporate world to begin working for a mission and vision she truly believes in.  Cheryl is an avid reader and audio book listener who finds solace in writing.

Taylore Logan – Retreat & Marketing Coordinator

Taylore works closely with retreat facilitators and guests to assist with bringing their vision to reality while on property at Elohee. Taylore works alongside each facilitator to ensure that everything from retreat schedules to final invoices are lovingly prepared. Taylore has been with Elohee since 2019 and comes from a background of nonprofit marketing. Her past experience includes fundraising and event planning for The American Cancer Society as well as education and outreach for hospice.  Taylore’s passion is rooted deep in her family, drawing a personal connection to her work. Taylore has a BS in Service Management from The University of Tennessee and she is an enthusiastic Tennessee sports fan in her free time. When not at work or cheering on the Vols, Taylore can be found spending time with her dog (Pug) or planning new travel experiences that are sure to make the heart smile. 

Sandy Osieja – Administrative Coordinator

Sandy joined the Elohee family in February of 2016 when she realized it was time to find a position in which she found meaning and had the good fortune to witness the first retreat held on Bald Mountain.   Her reaching out to Elohee was a step in her path towards fulfillment, both professionally and personally.  The Elohee family welcomed Sandy into the fold with graciousness and kindness. Sandy’s previous work experience includes a life-affirming year working in Burkina Faso, West Africa, and administrative positions at a number of law and business offices in New York, Florida, California, and Georgia.  Working at a retreat center not only made Sandy a happier person, but also provided her with the inspiration to go from being a casual yoga practitioner to a certified yoga teacher.  Aside from her administrative contributions, Sandy also serves as Elohee’s Final Proof Editor. Sandy loves yoga, traveling, hiking, reading, and her cat and dog companions!  Fun Fact: Sandy had the good fortune to witness the first retreat on Bald Mountain. 

Elohee Family – Kitchen Creatives

Craig King – Chef

Although Craig began his career as an actor and model in Los Angeles, his passion for healthy food superseded those desires. In his 30 year career, Craig worked as a private chef for entertainment and business moguls (such as Whole Foods CEO John Mackey), traveled with Saudi billionaires, and created signature broths, sauces and dressings  for private label companies selling to Trader Joe’s, Costco, and Whole Foods among other adventures. Craig is best known for his ability to create unique flavors. He has been described as an ” alchemist,” and the description is apt. Clients from Manhattan to Maui have enjoyed Craig’s creations. Craig brought his talents to Elohee in September of 2019.  While exploring the land, Craig also creates artwork from the nature that surrounds him. 

Renee Nelms – Chef/Kitchen Manager

Renee Nelms began her journey with Elohee in June 2019.  She knows fate and a higher power brought her to Elohee.  Renee has worked in the  food service industry most of her life and loves feeding people.  She is particularly inspired by discovering new recipes that fall in line with Elohee’s seasonally inspired menus.  Renee has raised 4 boys, has 3 daughters-in-law, and 2 grandsons whom she loves spending time with. 

Will Wynne — Retreat Facilitator

Will Wynne has been at Elohee since September 2019. He was brought to Elohee by a string of synchronicities. Ultimately, it was the energetic resonance he felt with Eve, the Elohee family, and the space itself that made him stay. Will’s journey thus far has been a wild adventure of travel, time in the wilderness, and self-discovery.  After completing his undergraduate studies in petroleum engineering at LSU, he and his girlfriend chose to create an alternative lifestyle in the North Georgia Mountains where they discovered Elohee. Will now spends his time helping at Elohee, life coaching, and playing in the woods.  Will is also the facilitator of Elohee’s True Nature Retreat Series.  Fun Fact: Will has walked over 3,000 miles.

Molly Lagrasso – Social Media Ambassador

Molly is a recent graduate of Louisiana State University where she concentrated on sales and communications. She is an adventure leader at Moondance Adventures which affords her the opportunity to travel to different parts of the world. Molly began working with Elohee in the fall of 2019. She has a passion for creating and being surrounded by beauty and leading a simple life which brought her to Elohee and the Sautee Nacoochee area –it is her ideal playground.  Fun Fact: Molly repelled from Monkey Face, or Smith Rock,  in Oregon where she lowered herself hand by hand from a rope n more thank 250 feet. It was amazing being terrified an amazed at the same time.