Thanksgiving House Rental

August 20 - December 31, 2020
GOOD NEWS! Since we've opened Elohee, guests have asked if they can rent the Thanksgiving House for family and friend gatherings. We've had to say no as we were holding the space for retreat groups. Because these times call for…

4th Soul Care Retreat for Women

With Dr. Karen E. Landry, LPC, NCC, CPCS and Nasirah Denisse

September 11 - 13, 2020
HONOR YOUR SOUL! Soul Care Retreats is where you come to feel loved, to honor your worth and ignite your SOUL. Soul Care Retreats are led by a Licensed Professional  Counselor and Soul Care facilitators. Soul Care Retreats are trans formative, Soul diving, and full of love and compassion.  Retreaters will feel…

Disconnect to Reconnect

With Martina Whitlock

September 25 - 27, 2020
This retreat was specifically created to provide women the unique opportunity to disconnect from daily stimuli and affix themselves from within, all while surrounded by Mother Nature. This will be a time to free yourself and enjoy the skin you…


With Mandy Roberts and Shari L Fox

September 25 - 27, 2020
Be part of the transformative power of being live and in-person together.  Learn to navigate the world within and around you during this transformational Women’s Weekend Retreat. This weekend invites an opportunity to slow down, to rest and renew, to…

The Voice of Your Soul – Remembering Who You Are Meant to Be

With Lily Winsaft and Kat Butler

October 1 - 4, 2020
Are you ready to realize your true potential as a "Conscious Being of Light" and ensure you create exactly what your heart desires for the rest of your life? Join us on a fun and adventurous journey that includes Transformational…

Yoga Teacher Training Level 3 Retreat

With Rachel Scott

October 25 - November 1, 2020
Complete your YTT training and become a DoYogaWithMe Certified Yoga Teacher! In this final, Level 3 Retreat, you will receive the guidance of one or two DoYogaWithMe faculty to help you integrate everything you have learned in Level 1 and…

True Nature Immersion: Fall- Letting Go

With Will Wynne and Gage Howell

October 30 - November 1, 2020
Join us for Elohee’s signature retreat series True Nature Immersion:  Fall - Letting Go! No outdoor experience required! No yoga experience required!  Use code earlyfall  to receive a $50 discount of this retreat until August 31, 2020 Relax, unplug, and unwind…


With Shalan Hill, E-RYT 200, Co-Founder, The Posture Project

November 13 - 15, 2020
If you've been stressed out and can't find your peace, consider taking in the deepest breaths of fresh mountain air as you sit with your feet dangling in the water of this crystal clear reflection pool. Your eyes soak in…

Goddess Rising: A Three Night Sacred Yoga Retreat

With Kelley Colihan Robertson, E-RYT, NBC-HWC

March 11 - 14, 2021
A three-night, four-day (Thursday- Sunday) sacred yoga retreat. Prepare to restore and remember your true Self and let go of limiting beliefs. We will practice yoga, meditation and sessions that include journaling to help you clear the way for divine…

4th Annual Lovingkindness Meditation Retreat: Mindfulness + Lovingkindness – 4 days, 3 nights

With Stephanie Swann, Ph.D., LCSW

March 18 - 21, 2021
In 2021,  we are offering two retreats in one. Come for 3 days of Lovingkindness or 4 days of Mindfulness + Lovingkindness, it’s your choice. Choose Thursday-Sunday or Friday-Sunday. Our 4 day Mindfulness + Lovingkindness retreat starts on Thursday, when…

4th Annual Lovingkindness Meditation Retreat – 3 days, 2 nights

With Stephanie Swann, Ph.D., LCSW

March 19 - 21, 2021
This year we are offering two retreats in one. Come for 3 days of Lovingkindness or 4 days of Mindfulness + Lovingkindness, it’s your choice. Choose Thursday-Sunday or Friday-Sunday. Our 3 day-2 night Lovingkindness retreat begins on Friday evening with…

Sacred Breathwork, Yoga, and Sound Healing

With Ashby Underwood, Ananda Bologna and Flournoy Holmes

October 15 - 17, 2021
Experience a powerful transformation of feeling more whole and refreshed than you have in years through Certified Breathwork, Yoga & Sound Healing.  In our 6th annual fall retreat, we invite you to give yourself the gift of sacred space where…